BBC Two has commissioned a new series The Lords to give viewers unprecedented access to one of the most important, but least understood institutions in Britain.

The three-part documentary series, to be produced by Top Hat Productions, will take audiences on a journey inside the Palace of Westminster to see how public perception of the House of Lords stacks up to the reality. 

Cameras will follow a group of peers over the course of nearly a year, absorbing and documenting their aims, dilemmas and frustrations, as well as meeting the characters who form the backbone of the institution such as officials, clerks and doorkeepers.

The Palace of Westminster and its rich interior is the backdrop as the programme examines the unique contribution that the Lords makes to our parliamentary democracy, revealing a place where debate is governed by unwritten rules of courtesy, respect and humour.

The programme will also raise questions about the legitimacy, composition, and function of the House of Lords in today’s political landscape and ask what is to be its future in light of recent attempts to reform it.

Fiona Campbell Head of BBC Current Affairs said: “The House of Lords, while little understood, has played a pivotal role in recent key political decisions such as proposed cuts to tax credits, which captured the attention of the nation. Now as momentum grows behind discussion on possible reform to the house, we wanted to shed some light for our viewers on the inner workings of this long standing pillar of politics in this country.”